RoboCop ★★★★

Took me damn well long enough to see this.

First of all, love the effects. It was a lot bloodier than I was expecting, but it actually looked painful at parts (I mean, duh, but I'm at the point where most gore at this level looks slapstick, which there was still plenty of). Both the dumb walker robots and Robocop himself actually looked pretty cool, with a lot of little details and moving parts on each. And the way Robocop moved really sold it. I think the rest of the acting was good too, but I've only ever seen Kurtwood Smith in That 70's Show, so... it was kinda weird seeing Red Foreman as a crime boss.

The general plot was something I've seen plenty of times since (Upgrade being the most recent example) but that doesn't make it less interesting. There's the corporate and municipal corruption angle, as well as the loss of self and of agency angle, and both were done in that Verhoeven style that I'm becoming familiar with. I know Starship Troopers has been mistaken as a pro-war movie, but I certainly hope there aren't people out there who think Robocop is suggesting we get more corporate-backed super cops to clean up the streets...