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  • All About My Mother

    All About My Mother


    Giving this a high rating but with reservations. As a drama it's moving, and in formal terms it's top-notch (especially the cinematography and editing), but I can't quite get to grips with its portrayal of the trans characters, particularly Lola. Partially cross-posting something I discussed on Twitter: I feel like there's an (unintentional) undercurrent of the trans characters being pitiable, almost pathetic, and it's apparent even if contrasted with the cis characters, who are also largely pitiable but not quite…

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors


    Your life is a performance; your life is a film. Artists are not separate from their art; you must dedicate your life to creating content, because your life is content and its purpose is to be consumed by others, regardless of the cost. You can do the most heinous things as long as it's in the name of producing more content - it can be beautiful, it can be weird, but it must be content, because nothing else matters. Like and subscribe for more.

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  • Shoah


    A STATEMENT (05/09/2019): A few days ago this review got liked by some fash edgelord, which has prompted me to finally say something that I should have said a while ago: I don't like this review, I think the jokes suck, I think my serious points about the movie mostly suck, I hate that it's my most liked work on this site (and the most liked Shoah review on the site! wtf), and it makes me sick to my stomach…

  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    A terrifying, blood-curdling story about a working-class woman who is abused, tortured, starved and neglected by a monstrous misogynist psychopath who is so pathologically obsessed with a skewed elitist idea of the purity of the English language that he's willing to completely wreck people's lives over it. She eventually finds her entire being controlled and dominated by him, so much so that even when she finally tries to escape she can't go back to the way she was... and might not even have been able to leave him at all. "Where the devil are my slippers" indeed.