Carol ★★★★★

Part of me doesn't want to write this and add to the seemingly universal praise. I'm worried that I'll just add to the hype and spoil it for you in case you end up heightening your expectations to an almost unattainable degree.

That said:
1. I can't think of a single movie that really captures the feeling of love like this does. Plenty that show characters in love, but none that make you feel their love so intimately. Perhaps I'm a bit biased here due to being part of a certain demographic, but on the other hand, none of the other lesbian movies I've seen capture this emotion in this particular way either.
2. Everything about this is just so gentle and graceful; it's a very slow burn, but the way its atmosphere got under my skin is almost impossible to describe in words. (But I'm trying my best!)
3. Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett are perfect in this, and are able to say so much more with their subtle body language and facial expressions than most actors could with a loud, explosive monologue. This goes for the movie in general, really. It kinda reminds me a lot of Ozu, in a weird way: somewhat reserved on the surface, but with a tremendous emotional wallop regardless, and you don't even need to dig deep (or at all) to find it. "Cold" and "distant" are not words that should be used to describe this, not even if you're a homophobic straight dude.
4. I felt disappointed when it ended, but upon reflection, it wasn't because the ending was anti-climactic or anything; rather, it was because I didn't want it to have a climax at all. I wanted to spend so much more time with Carol and Therese, to find out even more about their story. I was sad to have to leave the cinema, and just wanted to watch it all over again; I probably would have if tickets weren't so expensive.

In conclusion, BELIEVE THE HYPE <3

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