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This review may contain spoilers.

I keep reading other people’s reviews trying to figure out why everyone hates this so much and I’ve never been so confused by a movie’s reception. The best I can figure is that when Mako Mori dies, there are two ways to take that: one is fuck this movie and the people that made it. The other is god damn the impermanence of this fragile world, I hate everything about this but I need to hold on to what’s left, which is the beautiful John Boyega and his wonderful new family.

If you weren’t bothered by Mako dying but still hated this movie I think I just need to accept that I can never understand you.

Probably my only complaint with this movie is that there’s not a Netflix series about these kids so everyone can get the screen time they deserve. I would also accept just an entire series about Liwen Shao.

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