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  • Blindspotting



    There are points when you feel the story gets a little dry and slow, but overall the main impact and reason for the story really hits you. And I guess like many of the real life victims that thought of every second there is a possibility of a similar 'blindspotting' moment occurring, must be terrifying. The film, though fictional, had me gripped the the end as you had ominous thoughts that something would happen to Collin! Well played out and scripted film, with some great scenes that really make you think. Shame the Val part was under played in my opinion.

  • The Meg

    The Meg


    "It's not safe to go back in the water!" Because you will cringe yourself to death with this one! And what's with the very bad taste Jaws parody with the kid on the beach! Have some respect!!!

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  • Jaws



    This is a masterpiece of cinema, as you would expect from Steven Spielberg. Some of the best character development in cinema history, in my opinion. Having those three men confined to the boat in the terrors of the ocean, and able to get great character performances out of the three main stars; Dreyfuss, Shaw and Schneider is incredible cinema to watch. It's in my top ten films, and it has good reason for that. Even with a little simple flaw…

  • Searching



    Very enjoyable little film. It's nice to see a movie that draws on a new aspect of telling a story. And to be honest, when they started doing all the on-screen plot points, I thought it would be a little dull, but in fact it got rather intense and captivating. The plot unfolds in a way that you don't expect the outcome at all. Worth a watch!