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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending

    I'll be honest, I fell asleep through about 30 mins of this movie (somewhere around the 2nd act break), because the movie was taking it's sweet sweet time getting to the point. There's some beautiful sci-fi tech (everything introducing the Jupiter storm foundry is incredible) and space fighting (that first Chicago chase though), but the character work here is mind-numbing.

    Between the lore and world-building that's dumped in our lap without rhyme, reason, or explanation for the most part, and…

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas


    Gonna be on a little Wachowski sprint here as I check off the rest of their filmography (mainly thanks to my partner recommending... ALL OF IT), and have been super curious about this pretty much since it came out. I knew it was an audacious task to adapt, and was pleasantly surprised at how NOT confused I was throughout and how emotional a payoff the movie is able to provide with all the timelines.

    Not having read the book, but…

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