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  • Captain Fantastic

    Captain Fantastic


    Interessante. Captain Fantastic vale mais pelas questões que levanta sobre educação de filhos do que por qualquer outro mérito.
    É um filme esquerdopata, que parece um apanhado de textões militantes do facebook. Há ótimas frases para adotar e pagar uma de diferentão, como: Sua casa é um uso antiético da sociedade.
    Contudo, certo ponto, o filme e principal se questionam sobre suas escolhas (um tipo de plot que me cansa, me deem protagonistas decididos por favor). Outra questão é o número de filhos. Não vi necessidade para tantos, e sequer consegui lembrar o nome/função de todos.

  • Cruel Intentions

    Cruel Intentions


    The dark version of Clueless, a movie about wealthy corrupted sexual teenagers with a good queen beetch. Here for it.
    The movie is pretty aware of itself, exposing hypocrisies of the high society and embracing the luxury and amorality without apologises.
    The problem that ruined the movie was the choice to romanticize (from last half hour and on) was supposed to be corrupted as a whole. There is no space for love here, and I get it that the target…

  • In & Out

    In & Out


    A simple quick no brain really fun movie to watch. Almost every scene worth a laugh. In and Out uses some stereotypes that may seem homophobic nowadays, but I totally got the vibe and message. In my opinion, it didn’t mean to be offensive, just to show how reality is;
    The radio scene is hilarious and unforgettable. The decisive gaydar test it is to pass “I will survive” without break it.
    The bride stole the scene tough:
    - “Is everyone…

  • Kings Row

    Kings Row


    This movie represents well its black and white speaking generation. There’s mysteries, twits, keep you tuned and yet, it is simple, homy, heartbreaking and love. It’s all I love in old movies: the transportation to that period in time, where the problems (or at least the script choices), and life, were somehow different of what we have today.
    After all, neurosis and psychanalyses were just starting. I had the impression that people were more honest, straight forward (course, I could…