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This review may contain spoilers.

Im incredibly conflicted about this movie to be honest. On one hand i truly believe it deserves 5 stars because it really is an amazing movie that gets you invested in the italian mafia of the 40s/50s. But on the other hand this movie was so god damn sexist in the most frustrating ways.

Not only because of the misogyny itself but also because the scenes that were sexist could have easily been written out or replaced. I mean Apollonia was barley in the movie and her tragic death (which really was not that big of a deal for the audience since we barley even knew her) gave Michael a character development that could have easily been achived with only the death of his brother. Connie was basically just there to get abused & especially Kay remained a really bland character which is sad because they could have done so much more with her. And before you get mad at me yes I know it's based on a book and a really old movie but from a modern perspective it certainly has flaws which should be pointed out especially seeing how beloved this film is.

Overall i truly think it was a beautiful movie though that deserves all the praise its been getting for decades & set high standards for a lot of others but it's simply aggravating to think about how much better it could have been with the smallest changes.

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