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Best of 2012

I only saw 32 new movies in 2012, and while plenty were good, none of them particularly blew my mind. With a few exceptions, I steered clear of big budget studio fare and stuck mostly to documentaries and unassuming indies. There were several critical darlings of different shapes and sizes that probably would have made my year-end list if I had gotten around to seeing them, but I didn’t. From what I did see, I couldn’t come up with 10 that were worthy of a Top Ten list, so I settled on this Top Seven.

Since this is my first full year of keeping a comprehensive film diary, it’s interesting to see how the ratings I gave films when I…

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  • Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters


  • The Imposter


  • Indie Game: The Movie


  • The Innkeepers


  • Michael


  • The Queen of Versailles


  • The Cabin in the Woods