What Have They Done to Your Daughters?

What Have They Done to Your Daughters? ★★★½

I needed to take a Silkwood-style shower to get the sleeze off me. A 15 year old girl is hanging in an attic nude. Suicide? That movie would be super quick. It's MURDER!

Watched this one because the "Giallo Ciao Ciao" podcast is close to reviewing this film. This isn't a traditional Giallo but has many of the trappings. The killer decked out in leather motorcycle garb and of coarse helmet to hide his identity (Oh and a bloody butchers knife) does push this in the giallo mix. For the most part it's a slow police (or Polizia ) procedural.
That said, I was completely into the film the whole time.

On the down side: The lead actress had a super crappy '74 style bouffant which is the worst hairstyle of all time. The reveal of the killer was a huge...so what. I couldn't make my mind up if I hated the soundtrack or was in love with it.

On the plus side: Sleeze! A chase scene in a underground parkway that really got me. It was a really done well. I'm also counting the soundtrack on the plus side.

Altogether a good watch.

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