The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

The Wolverine is such a great film and it’s honestly a great addition to the well known X-Man franchise. The movies got a pretty well written story with lot’s of amazing characters (While some of these new characters throughout this film can be very forgettable and not as memorable as let’s say Wolverine. But nevertheless, the new characters are actually quite entertaining and quite badass throughout this film), brilliant performances, pretty strong dialogue (sometimes when the dialogue is given it can feel a bit off. But, most of the time the dialogue is well received throughout this film.), weak and strong comedic timing, pretty good humour here and there, weak and strong pacing toward certain events, some well built up consequences, well fleshed out emotions, aged well effects, brilliant settings, a great plot twist villain, who’s beautifully well built up throughout this film and lot’s of clever, unique and brilliantly well choreographed action sequences from start to finish.

Overall, the real question is? Is The Wolverine, a great film? Yes, it definitely is. It’s such an entertainingly great X-Men film, which is honestly so enjoyable.

Is it worth the watch? Yes, it’s definitely worth the watch, if you’re a big fan of the X-Men films altogether or if you’re a big fan of Wolverine.

I’d definitely recommend, The Wolverine, it’s honestly such a great Action/Adventure film and it’s actually quite an enjoyable X-Men film to keep you entertained. It’s honestly so worth the watch.

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