The Babadook ★★★½

Babadook is defiantly the best horror movie I've seen this year by far (but that's not saying much). It's not you're traditional modern horror. Unlike Mama, The Babadook never really shows much, this totally protects it from looking like that shitty PS2 model from Mama. Instead it's completely practical, and it works. It leaves everything up to the imagination. A great performance from Essie Davis, and I'm not sure if the kid was good or bad. He was incredibly annoying, but I think that was the point. Ultimately The Babadook is a nice debut for Jennifer Kent, and the best horror movie I've seen in some time.

I gotta admit that this is the first time in years where I was legitimately scarred. I even jumped a few times, which had to do a lot with the insanely disturbing sound design of the Babadook. The noises it makes is terrifying.

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