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  • It Came From Detroit

    It Came From Detroit


    There's a part where a guy says "it's too bad I didn't get to see the White Stripes," and then continues to say something like 'as many times as I'd have liked to and now tickets are 80 bucks'.

    Yeah, dude, tell me about it. They were my favorite band and my cousin was seeing them once a week. By the time I was old enough to go, they were an arena band.

    Good interviews, good music. Only for people who already love one or more of these bands. Depressing as hell that none of these bands made it. God I hate everything.

  • Early Man

    Early Man


    Aardman makes smile movies.

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  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    Toy Story 3 came out on my eighteenth birthday. Like Andy, I had grown up and was heading off to college. So, upon seeing it, I took it like a man... and cried throughout the entire movie. It was the most emotional I have ever been. Not only is Toy Story 3 one of the best animated movies ever made. It actually changed my life.

  • Not Another Teen Movie

    Not Another Teen Movie


    I continue to say this is one of the best parodies ever. I will forever fight for this movie to be recognized as a masterpiece.