Stalker ★★★★★

My mind is literally blown right now.   Stalker has filmmaking that feels like it’s own style similar to the works of Waters, Lynch, PTA, Wes Anderson, and Kubrick. 
Everything about this film feels so unique and original.  Definitely deserves it’s place as one of the best of all time. I don’t want to get into details because you should go into Stalker blindly.  I don’t wanna ruin this magnificent experience.   This is essential cinema if you want to get into filmmaking.  Can’t say I’ve been this impressed with a film in a while. 
I adore this film a lot.    I can’t wait to watch it again. 

This film deserves a better review but I will rewatch later this week. 
A masterpiece of cinema. This is why I love film 
13/10.  This was simply perfect

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