BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

as a young black woman living in southern usa this struck a major chord with me. (my friend’s mom who came with us, who literally lived thru shit like this was crying by the time we left the theater.)

 definitely going to rewatch, but one thing that i distinctly remember thinking about.... that scene where david duke (this racist cunt literally was a representative in the state i live in...) commends the crowd during the klan meeting “look around...white men. AND white women” [the women look delightfully abashed for being considered and recognized by their klan member counterparts]

white women can be and have been just as evil as white men! case in point; connie’s character, who also exhibited hick-level intelligence by expressing her self-hatred when telling her husband “thank you for giving me purpose” among other things like her want to prove herself to the klan

today i see so much emphasis on pointing out the evils of white men, but white women get a pass because they can hide behind their marginalized identities as women.

hold them accountable too

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