Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½



Usually life takes more that it gives but not today, today it's giving us something, it's giving us a chance.

To do what?

To give a shit.

Yeah. I can now safely say that Guardians of The Galaxy has surpassed The Winter Soldier and is now my favourite MCU film.

This is one of the most rewatchable films ever, I've seen this film dozens of times but I still laugh like it's my first viewing, James Gunn uses everything at his disposal: action, editing, funny cuts, soundtrack, score, cinematography, performces, dialogue to create a damn hilarious, exciting and heart warming movie.

The dialogue and "banter" between the Guardians is so awesomely written, each bouncing off each other hilariously.

I actually don't mind Ronan The Accuser as a villain. For a film that does need to spend most of its time with the Guardians to introduce and develop their characters, James Gunn makes the most of the little screen time that he can put aside for him.

This film probably has my all time favourite soundtrack (as in song selection) and they way the songs so seamlessly blend from diagetic to non-diagetic and so awesomely start/end at the right moment is just damn perfect.

Guardians of The Galaxy is a hilarious, emotional and exciting ride and is now my favourite MCU film. Welcome back James Gunn, the MCU wouldn't be the same without you.

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