Predator ★★★½

I haven't seen this movie in many years, so my viewing is colored by nostalgia and the intervening years.

I didn't realize how many "jungle war" tropes were in this movie. From the perspective of someone who knows nothing of film history, I would blindly say this movie started a ton of them.

"If it bleeds, we can kill it."
"Come on, kill me, I'm right here!"
"Get to the chopper!"

Classic lines I didn't realize were from Predator.

There's plenty to like here: Arnold's left bicep, Arnold's right bicep, a mini-gun mowing down jungle foliage, rampant racism and sexism!

Wait, not that last one.

This is a fun movie, but nothing more. The story is thin, the acting is pretty weak in a lot of places, and it's played over the top the entire time. The effects are really great, and I think the movie is actually shot and directed pretty well.

I'm glad I own it (it was like $5 in the bargain bin!) but this is a cult classic, not a genuine classic.