The Town ★★★★

This is a good movie.

It's believable, it's acted well throughout, the sound is good, the cinematography is good, the writing is good, it's edited well, it's suspenseful and action-packed and surprisingly touching.

Some of those things were great. Maybe most of them were great. None of them were knock-your-socks-off incredible, except maybe the acting.

It's a heist movie where the bad guys are actually kinda bad and the good guys aren't really likeable, and almost everybody you like dies but so do the people you don't like so it leaves this weird taste in your mouth because you know you shouldn't always have a sugar-coated resolution to a movie delivered to you all wrapped up with a bow but also everything sucked but also it was good.

This movie is hard to review because there's so much to unpack and think about, and honestly I don't have the energy.

Blake Lively is a good actor but I hated her character.