A Rainy Day in New York ★★★

I was thinking that this movie feels like an arbitrary line to draw, given the timeline of the accusations against Allen, and even the timeline of their excavation around #MeToo; all that really changed with his situation between 2017 and 2018 (when this was supposed to originally come out) is Amazon saying fuck this, and there's something kind of off-putting to me about the idea that a massive conglomerate ultimately made that call (obviously not as discomfiting as the allegations themselves).

On the other hand, the movie itself does feel like an endpoint, and obviously not a triumphant one -- even for a filmmaker who has certainly had his share of late-period dregs. It's less the writing, which if I'm being honest I sometimes enjoyed, or at least chuckled at consistently, than the filmmaking. I like the sun-shower look courtesy of Vittorio Storaro, but the editing in this movie is noticeably clunky in a way I don't really associate even with late-period Allen (beyond some of his light comedies being inexplicably overlong).

Unless Allen himself has a heavy hand in the editing room (which I guess would make sense), I'm at a loss for the explanation; I was sure I was about to discover he had a new, less distinguished editor working with him, perhaps as fallout from his diminished reputation, and so I was surprised to find out it's the same editor he's worked with for literally 20 years of ups and downs. But there are clumsy transitions throughout, and I don't know if it was just because I was watching a pirated copy on my laptop hooked up to my TV, but the occasional roughness reminded me of a much lower-budget indie from 25 years ago, when imitating Woody Allen might have been considered a desirable thing to do.

Anyway, I was going to say "I watched this so you wouldn't have to," but that's a lie. I watched this because I wanted to, and found some of it charming (you know who's weirdly good in this? Selena Gomez), because really, what's going to make me feel *more* (or less) conflicted about Allen at this point?