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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Yeah... I made the mistake of finally watching this one.

    I'm going to say that the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is probably the best horror franchise. The best in the series (The original and Dream Warriors) are some of the best horror movies ever. Even the lesser entries (with the exception of Freddy's Dead and the remake) usually have some interesting things going on in them.

    The remake is mostly a failure. Having watched it, I can see how…

  • Passenger 57

    Passenger 57

    Pretty bad Die Hard knockoff. Even by B movie standards the script is underwritten and the characters are terrible. The dialogue is lazy and cliche. The only good things here are a few good one liners that Wesley spits out, but that is IT.

    Bruce Payne is also dull (and clearly bored) as the main villein. The ending is terrible with no tension or excitement whatsoever. Don't blame Wesley... Nobody could make this movie good.