Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★★

Zack Snyder reinvented the zombie genre with his Dawn of the Dead remake, and as far as I'm concerned, he's done it again with Army of the Dead.

From the opening sequence when the shit hits the fan to the amazing opening credits sequence which really sets the tone, Army is a pure wild ride of fun, action, and zombie carnage that only Snyder can deliver.

I've seen reviews that point out it's not horror, but the zombies here are mean and scary motherfuckers, and evolved to where they have a hierarchy, alpha's who aren't you're usual shamblers, but move and attack with speed and purpose. Zeus and his Queen up the ante on what zombies can be and I'm all for it.

There's plenty of comparisons to Aliens, and it's clear that Snyder is making his version of that here, and like that film, this stacks its cast with characters with unique personalities and arcs which make you root for every single one of them. Each death stings, bar a couple, and some of the relationships between them give the film its heart.

But, let's be honest, most will come for the carnage, and Army of the Dead delivers in spades with its set pieces. The kitchen scene is tense, the casino floor shoot-out is pulse pumping and everything in between is horrific. The last hour is easily the best as this film just lets rip and doesn't let up. Once that safe opens all bets are off and this wide ride goes full steam ahead with no brakes.

Haters be damned. You could nitpick if you wanted to but why bother? This is Zack Snyder unleashed and back in a genre he already excels in. IF you can't have any fun with this then you're clearly dead inside.

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