The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★

David Yates' take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs character can be summed up rather simply: intriguing ideas, poor execution.

The idea of the character making it back to England, having left the life behind, yet being called to what he once was, is a rather interesting proposition. The problem is, we don't get any idea as to how the Lord of the Apes made the journey to become such a well spoken gentleman, or what he truly felt of his life back in England.

Perhaps things would have been helped had Alexander Skarsgård piut more acting talent for the role, as opposed to just the physicality. No matter how many times Margot Robbie claims she isn't a damsel, her role is merely to be saved by her man from the villain.

Samuel L Jackson is at his most Samuel L Jacksoniest here, which is more than Christoph Waltz accomplishes with his lifeless performance. But it's okay, we have Tarzan accidentally commiting a form of sexual assault and making a bestiality gag for the purpose of "laughs". Then there's the lifeless action, which are met by the glaring visuals, which take one out of the picture.