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  • Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket


    Young Owen Wilson had a peanut shaped head. That's all I've got right now. I might need to rewatch.

  • Cloverfield



    "This is gonna be really important, man. People are gonna watch this."

    Just a really solid horror movie. Really well done, built tension in all the right ways. I don't really have much more to say other than i could smell 9/11 all over it which is okay, I think we kind of needed that. It's definitely the film we're gonna show people in 50 years to get across the general *feel* of the 2000s.

    Also, as good as it…

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  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    I'm gonna be real with y'all. I watched this on the basis that Matt Damon was in it, and it took until the third act for me to realize Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon were in fact, two different individuals.

  • Deadpool



    is this what men think humor is