Sarah has written 5 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2020.

  • Hobgoblins



    Somehow even though this movie is from the 80s it looks like every character is wearing Party City 80s costumes. Even the goblins!

  • Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

    Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders


    Well... it made for a good MST3K episode. One of the main guys looked exactly like Walton Goggins and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Walton Goggins would have eaten this up. Ok now I’m just thinking about Walton Goggins

  • Gotti



    big time new york mafia guys are always naming the 5 boroughs out loud in full. it’s like their favorite thing. i felt like i was really in “That Big Apple”

  • The Final Sacrifice

    The Final Sacrifice


    Watched it through the rose-colored glasses of MST3K so in that way it was an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, very much a freshman year Intro to Film Production midterm. But a lot of good mullet action which I can always appreciate.

  • The Last Shark

    The Last Shark


    WTF jaws shark was italian this whole time