Happy Together

Happy Together

wong kar-wai's "happy together" is deeply expanse as a ocean, a compilation of stories from two different minds about their respective places in a eccentric society.

two homosexual partners disembarked in argentina to try a new life, we are immediately surprised by a black and white direction, which is a faithful witness to the relationship that will become increasingly toxic. the small room rented and lived by the couple is where we will follow a wave of discussions generated without even getting anywhere. in buenos aires, Fai begins to work in a bar, later takes over the cuisine of a chinese restaurant and finally agrees to earn an extra at a slaughterhouse. meanwhile, Pong, confused and lost without knowing where to go, becomes a parasite in the small apartment, inciting disagreements while trying to resolve them.

accompanied by his faithful squire christopher doyle, kar-wai introduces us to an argentina as gentle as in his ambience in his feature-film features and, like his two central characters, we are led to the same strange look of living in another country. slow-motions, black and white, vivid colors, visceral photographic montages and a simple apartment, kar-wai makes everything symbolic.

happy together brings us two individually lost thinkers. decades latter this poetic plot continues to be relevant, especially for those who are discovering themselves socially as Fai, argentina became his present and future, hong kong his upside-down past.

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