• Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Being kind is really a pleasure in life, it is difficult, degrading and necessary. you have to be open hearted to EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. It’s utterly hilarious, vibrant, fresh and looks absolutely unique. It allows you to slowly tie up the ends, although get too far ahead thinking about life choices and decisions. There wouldn't be a better casting than this, they were made to play these self-centered and lovable personalities. The editing is mesmerizing tho.

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Seriously, is it possible not to fall in love with this movie? It's so adorable and look at this stop motion... Mesmerizing!

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    An explosive and timeless thriller, it was one of the most mind-blowing trips I've had. With this excellent opening and worthy of Wirght's virtuous portfolio, I felt trapped for many moments and the narrative leads us to exuberant confidence as if we're going to experience much more, but unfortunately I didn't get that final backing. The captivating soundtrack and the acidic performances are part of a script with certain merits and many final inconsistencies.

    If someone ever petitions Wright to rewrite that ending, I'm in.

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver

    Watching this at night is a insane. The sensitivity and madness that make up these characters tells us a lot about Scorsese's brilliance and how much this man knows about things. one of the most remarkable masterworks of this little man's career.

  • What Happened Was...

    What Happened Was...

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A brilliantly executed odde film. when two fragile people linked to self-centeredness come together then you got a terrible date/relationship, Jackie and Michael took me to a play about loss and loneliness...This is not for everyone, it's biting, yet, well written, it's an inspiration. easily one of the finest writing of cinema.

  • Stranger Than Paradise

    Stranger Than Paradise

    Effortlessly Eva strikes me as one of the best characters I've ever seen, her mundane dreams underline her simplicity. Willie and Eddy know what America has to offer, it's nothing spectacular. Roll this film and feel time fly by with three unique characters. it's a hug from Jarmusch.

  • Parasite


    when you watch it for the third or tenth time it doesn't become less significant.
    it's terribly brilliant and fascinating how sorrowful the comedy becomes when you have two trivial families fighting for survival. perhaps the perception expands among every detail existing in the characters and in what says their desire to grow part of the oppressive society where the capitalist hierarchy predominates. after all, there is an exciting balance to trying not to give in to failure.

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation

    i've finished watching it and once again i'm feeling completely empty — it's a kind of nostalgic sigh. delicate, subtle and morally lonely... they're two strangers in a foreign land, two smiles intertwined and two souls to be discovered. it's always so beautiful to recall and listen to this calm and mesmerizing picture.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza

    anderson's coming-of-age is magnificent and inviting, the overtone that permeates this film is nostalgic. the youthness, regrets, ambitions and friendship are, mainly, the solid point of the script. the rhythm of the friendship between alana and gary doesn't fall into deep excesses, it remains simple despite being intense. overall, LICORICE PIZZA is a complete ode about the californian adolescence of the 70s, everything is harmonious and i imagine that PTA must been dazzled by the upshot.

  • The Big Shave

    The Big Shave

    anything involving scorsese will always spark my spirits and spark my creativity. this short is insanely satisfying, i can only imagine how martin must have felt about the result.

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    the killing of a sacred deer is the typical film that you ruminate a lot about after watching it and discover through your thoughts that maybe all the symbology developed by your own interpretation makes sense. spine-chilling , disturbing, annoys and reveals layers of modern society under alienation, false family ties, impunity and social ambiguity. the restless performances are carnal, the hovering camera is masterful. it is our eyes following reality. outstanding, right? lanthimos is crucial to contemporary cinema, its cinematic references are refined and welcoming.

  • Titane


    through an intriguing script, artistic direction and humanly uncomfortable symbologies, julia ducournau intrigues me with her second feature. TITANE maintains a warm and cool relationship with the human body and mind, quite brilliant compared to RAW. it's impossible to understand the human mind, its desires, fears and anxieties, but ducournau translates what's necessary to perceive the importance of circumstantial moments in life. alexia/adrien is claustrophobia in its form, vicent the pillar of loneliness caused by grief.

    this blazing reception of…