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  • Cat Soup

    Cat Soup


    In all honesty... What a surreal experience... What the hell did I just watch? I believe this just transcended the concept of mindfuck.

  • Youth



    - I was thinking today how you and I have the same problem.
    - Is this true?
    - We’ve been misunderstood our whole lives because we allowed ourselves to give them just once to a little liberty.
    - Liberty is an irresistible temptation.
    - I’ve worked with all the great European and American directors, but I’ll be remembered forever for Mr. Q. For a fucking robot. And I had to wear a suit and armor that weighed two hundred pounds,…

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    There's a man... In back of this place. He's the one who's doing it. I can see him through the wall. I can see his face. I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream.

    We essentially find ourselves before nothing but a gigantic plethora of confusion, schizophrenia, symbolism, allegories, mystery, horror, human emotions and puzzles far beyond convention. Marvelous.

  • The Idiots

    The Idiots


    - I think Stoffer should choose what we do next. Because it’s his party.
    - Gang bang.
    - No, listen, we’ve got picture lotto, spin the bottle...
    - Gang bang.
    - Count me in. Gang bang! Gang bang!

    This has to be one of the most bizarre films I have ever witnessed, yet it was a perfect example of Lars Von Trier’s signature pitch-black sense of humour. Very, very, very provocative, but still charged with a strong sentimental nature.