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  • The Free Will

    The Free Will


    A calvarium of two tormented souls. A signifying, lengthy and unbelievably chaotic journey throughout the agony and misery of two individuals in love, yet in awe of their own inner demons, for a struggle of survivalism, what a scene. This piece has become one of the ten best productions I have ever witnessed in my entire life... I am unbelievably devastated and heart broken.

  • Caterpillar



    A Japanese claustrophobic nightmare of paranoia. Gorgeous visuals and interesting techniques from Fukui.

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  • Music, Blood and Spirit

    Music, Blood and Spirit


    A big part of our adult lives has been spent touring all over the world. We have absorbed from all of these places and gradually realized that it's still our only world, the one we've built for ourselves, that we want to dwell in. It's a world we can respect and feel humillity towards, rather than one built by others with completely different values. Had the outside world been not so abhorrent I probably wouldn't have cared for the most…

  • The Phantom of Regular Size

    The Phantom of Regular Size


    Here... Soon, thanks to our love, the world will be fire and brimstone... Total Massacre!