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  • S Is for Stanley

    S Is for Stanley


    Totally delightful, endearing and heartbreaking!
    Shades of Stanley expressed lovingly.

  • Stroszek



    I can’t recommend the Herzog commentary enough!

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  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    My poetic ode to a film that is so painfully honest, so beautifully raw, so hypnotic and captivating, so boldly passionate and stars two of the most beguiling actresses I have seen on screen for quite some time:

    Like the turn of seasons
    Fire dances its tune
    Sometimes in radiance
    A scorched crimson glow
    Sometimes in passion
    A bold amber hue
    Even in bitter winds
    The flame never dies
    For in all of its colours
    The warmest is blue

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    ''If it was never new, and it never gets old, then it's a folk song.''

    Well haven't we all been waiting a long time for the brothers Coen to inject their brand of special into the atmosphere again, and with the stage set for something as intimate as the music on show, I can only say that Inside Llewyn Davis was worth the 3 year wait.

    It has been said that The Coen's love to torture their protagonists (which they…