Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

A new Tarantino flick is an event that usually comes once every 4-5 making it's mark like a spray of blood across the cinematic landscape. Django ultimately bubbles with the Director’s typical energy and enthusiasm whilst he riffs on the weighty themes of slavery and racism that can be often confronting and uncomfortable, but isn't that the point? 

Corbucci and Leone Spaghetti westerns and Blaxploitation are the cinematic odes he plays with here to great effect and in turn creates an exuberant and wonderfully comedic epic.

Jamie Foxx quietly rises from slave to hero accompanied by the scene stealing Christoph Waltz, whilst Leonardo DiCaprio chews the scenery with a deliciously nuanced performance, whilst the real evil of the piece Samuel L. Jackson is never better. 

As much fun as I had with this, I walked away with some slight negativity in regards to certain editing choices in light of Sally Menke’s (R.I.P) sad absence of touch on this film, as it feels a bit shaggier and rough around the edges than we are used to with Q.T.'s films. I honestly feel that it feels a little rushed (mostly in the final act) and could do with some tightening. 

Kerry Washington is not given much to work with and is probably one of Tarantino's weakest female portrayals and let's not speak of the Director's own cameo sporting a terrible Australian accent. Whilst I do not think this is Tarantino's best work, I feel it's a worthy entry in his canon and I eagerly anticipate my next viewing of Django Unchained.

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