Frank ★★★½

"Lips pushed together, as if to say 'Enough frivolity'"

An oddball Irish flick that manages to impress with its assortment unique characters and a delicate blend of humour and tragedy. The plot trajectory is hardly original, but the focus on a band of avant garde musicians at the cusp of fame and the effects it has on the creative process are very appealing. I couldn't help but think of experimental musician Scott Walker whilst watching this (who is known to use meat as an instrument if so inspired), and the driving force of the film is hearing what they will come up with next. The mental illness issue that rears its head in the final act adds weight to the proceedings and the poignant final scene is a strong note to close out on. I am close to 4 stars on this, but just not quite due to the over familiar central character/narrator element that just held it back from being a truly original work.

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