Gloria ★★★½

A merry-go-round of loneliness plagues a 58 year old woman in search of companionship amongst the emptiness of singles parties and dance clubs. Her family are not as 'present' as she needs them to be and neither is the new romantic flame she sparks up with Rodolfo, but with Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio's ever compassionate lens and without sentimentality or judgement, we witness a subtle transformation of a woman taking charge of her life. Paulina García is every bit deserving of the praise being thrust upon her as the titular protagonist, but I was also quite impressed with Sergio Hernández and his puppy dog eyes. If I have any complaints, it is with the script lacking that extra bit of oomph to make this something more special and memorable. As it lies, it is still very much a subtly rewarding film that warrants attention.

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