Knight of Cups ★★½

I admire the film to an extent for its ambition, but I also reject the film as some sort of abstract masterpiece, when he has surely already been creating them since The Thin Red Line, culminating with the spiritual symphony that is The Tree of Life. I was locked in for the journey here for a while, until it just became obvious to me that the simple crux beneath all the imagery is yet another redundant spiritual crisis in tinsel town, and what was even worse is that due to the script-less, improvisational, "let's just shoot actor reactions to their environment and see what we can come with in post" method employed, the main character feels like he has no true arc, and a tacked on catharsis in the final moments of the film. I appreciate that some will likely praise it for the very reasons I reject it (although the 1 star ratings I am seeing everywhere are just ridiculous), but I feel there is nothing new under the sun here, with Malickian tendencies just being pushed into the realm of the mundane and making for a experience that was reaching for profundity, but like the dog trying to catch a ball with his mouth in the pool, falling ever short of its grasp.

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