Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Harmony Korine paints a hyperreal pastiche in yellow, pink and blue, blending a hypnotic visual aesthetic with a modern day poetic romanticism for the American dream.

Four girls gone wild, fuelled by adrenaline, seduced by the rush of a robbery that monetizes their desire to 'escape reality', leads them to Spring Break and eventually under the wing of James Franco's 'Alien'. As moral compasses spin and the girls choose different paths, we are left to ponder the effects of a youth in crisis.

Amidst all the crotch shots, cocaine snorted off naked young flesh and Scarface worshipping drug dealers, is a level of social commentary on youth culture and god delusion driven materialism, and whilst not terribly deep, the film does have more below its neon drenched surface than it would at first seem. Performances from all are strong in particular James Franco, the Cliff Martinez/Skrillex soundtrack is just splendid and the cinematography from Benoit Debie paints a surreal glow over every frame and every bikini laden body. The diner robbery is one of the standout scenes of the year as is the Britney Spears 'Everytime' montage that is bound to entrench itself in pop culture.

Sure it's controversial and is suitably dividing audiences and critics alike, but which ever side of the fence you fall, there is no denying Korine's bold and unique voice is one that is screaming at you to pay attention and I for one welcome it for better or for worse.

''Spring break forever bitches''

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