Stories We Tell ★★★★★

"I will go on, I WILL go on...''

It is difficult to find words to express the significance of this work, but it is with no doubt the most wonderful cinematic achievement I have seen this year and as demonstrative of this rollercoaster we call life as I have ever seen on projected on the screen.

Blossoming filmmaker Sarah Polley takes us on a journey into the tangled web of her family life, and the result is deeply personal and emotionally tender even as it brushes against the rawest nerve endings. This is obviously a labour of love and a passion project for Polley, and all I can think of as she pulls back the curtains on her private life is not self-indulgence or pretentiousness, but of the gift she is giving to the viewer in showing how the most complex and seemingly troubling events in ones life can be refracted from many angles, and woven into something wonderful. The way she gathers everyone connected to the life of her mother to tell her story in their own special way, is done with the utmost craft and care to weave a narrative that folds in and collapses in on itself and surprises at every turn. I will not disclose the details here, but rather implore you to watch it all take place with your very own eyes.

Stories We tell is exactly what the title suggests, a letter to family, love and life that revels in the gift of storytelling and the different angles at which we perceive our lives, and it may very well even slightly affect your perception of your own story that is your life whilst you continue on searching for truth and meaning. This film is a treasure to behold.

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