Tenet ★★★★

An astonishingly massive film that no physics degree would help me wrap my head around, even on multiple viewings, but once I stopped trying to overthink it and let it do its thing, it swept me up in all its grandeur. I respect Nolan for challenging the mainstream audience.

I would appreciate subtitles on next viewing to catch a good portion of the dialogue that is drowned out by soundtrack, masks or just plain mumbling.

The score is incredible despite being jacked up in the levels.

Robert Pattinson might deliver my favourite performance here but Kenneth Branagh comes damn close as a perfectly effective villain.

Jennifer Lame’s editing deserves a gold medal.

Hugely impressive but not as immediately fulfilling as many of Nolan’s other films which I am usually buzzing about after exiting the cinema.

Damn it was good to be back in a cinema after 7 months.

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