The Nightmare

The Nightmare ★★½

Rodney Ascher's attempt at experiential documentary horror was a bit of a dud for me to be frank, listening to these victims of sleep paralysis was almost as painful as what they are going thru on a nightly basis. I admire the attempt to break the doco mould, but I actually craved some scientific material or analysis from experts rather than just continuous experiential details from these sufferers. Not once was I frightened by any of the visual representations of what they claim to see, hear or feel with much of it laughable. The addition of film experiences just felt like he was going back to The Shining interpretations in his last film, and felt mostly irrelevant to me. I really expected something special here, but am sad to say it was too downright annoying to ever sit though again - Another case of It Follows level disappointment right here.

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