The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★★½

''My family's always been in meat.''

Rarely does a film affect you so viscerally, and even after 40 years manage to retain a power that many imitators just cannot seem to wield in this modern era. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre dishes up it's macabre delight with a ugly, murky palette and a foul stench, but it wouldn't have the same affect on the viewer any other way. It was such a pleasure to pull out my remastered version of the film from the year 2000 and find that even after being cleaned up it still looks like shit, but therein lies the majesty of what is a marvel of editing and the Hitchcock technique of withholding visually and leaving the imagination to fill in the blanks through the use of sound. The low budget aesthetic only heightens the element of realism and fear is delivered though it's creepy atmosphere and the slow-burn that simmers all the way up to the disturbing family dinner scene from hell. The sound of a chainsaw buzzing will forever unnerve anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing Leatherface in all his glory.

My favourite scenes: Grandpa trying to bludgeon our terrified would-be heroine, and the f#@king butcher's hook!

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