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This review may contain spoilers.

I am not fully sold on The Tribe's execution despite the fascinating idea of setting entirely in a deaf community. The ending floored me that's for damn certain, but throughout the film I felt as if a shade of realism was missing due to 'stagey-ness' of many scenes and camera lens keeping us at such an impenetrable distance, that we never get to connect with any one character despite there being a focus protagonist (a tighter more energetic visual style might have been an ideal way to go IMO). In my experience, deaf people actually make quite a bit of sound (grunts etc.) when they communicate and there was little to none of that here. I had read prior to seeing the film that the filmmaker wanted us to hear environmental sounds so that we as the audience could hear danger etc. that the characters couldn't hear, therefore heightening the tension, yet I can't think of any real moments where that was applied successfully (except maybe the truck backing over a character) although the final scene is powerful because we know that nothing can be heard by the victims, making the event all the more chilling. The narrative is nothing new and I think the film is being praised rather highly just because of its unique and uncompromising style. I expected more sense of community between these deaf people as it is my perception that they are very drawn to each other and more united in their common disability, rather than the dog eat dog mentality on display. A little disappointing overall.

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