• Blondie Plays Cupid

    Blondie Plays Cupid

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 7 of 28

    Don’t be fooled by the title… you might think this is a Valentine’s Day movie, but it’s actually about the 4th of July, released the week of Halloween 1940. After discovering her husband Dagwood’s secret stash of illegal fireworks, Blondie Bumstead has the family spend a safe holiday weekend visiting her Aunt Hannah in the country, where they get caught up in the troubles of an eloping couple (Glenn Ford plays the nondescript groom).…

  • Blondie Has Servant Trouble

    Blondie Has Servant Trouble

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 6 of 28

    “Servant trouble” is putting it lightly… Blondie almost gets murdered!!! After accidentally kicking him in the rear, Dagwood asks his boss Mr. Dithers for a raise because Blondie’s been nagging him for a maid. Dithers offers the Bumsteads a stay in the supposedly vacant mansion of a deceased magician that is rumored to be haunted. There, they befriend the cowardly Horatio Jones (the first Black character in the series to be given a name),…

  • Black Adam

    Black Adam

    Early on, a kid drops the comic book Wonder Woman: Rebirth, which implies that even though the existence of superheroes has only been public knowledge for about a decade, DC Comics has ALREADY undergone a major continuity reboot.

  • Snow Day

    Snow Day

    I just discovered the guy doing the victory pose on the poster is NOT the main character, Hal, but his friend Bill Korn played by J. Adam Brown, a character so minor he's not even listed on the movie's Wikipedia page.

    Bill Korn is also the name of one of Pete's friends in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, perhaps overlooked when they transitioned this from a Pete movie to its own thing.

  • Blondie on a Budget

    Blondie on a Budget

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 5 of 28

    Deathly dull with languid pacing. After a two-film respite, we’re back to “Blondie suspects Dagwood is cheating on her” stories. Up-and-coming Columbia player Rita Hayworth guest stars as Dagwood’s rich and independent ex-girlfriend. If this was a modern comic movie, the character would be Fritzi Ritz and she’d mention her niece a few times to foreshadow the imminent Nancy movie. Alas.

    Most of the comedy comes from Dagwood’s discomfort being seen in public with…

  • Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

    Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

    "Hitler understood what Mickey symbolized." - Sarah Nilsen

    A nice, breezy documentary about a powerful rat named Mickey Mouse that touches on a lot of aspects of the character but doesn’t probe too deeply. I respect how much of this is just footage of animators drawing Mickey and talking about how his design and personality evolved over the years, including a mention of the UPA-influenced design for a car commercial that Walt hated.

    While it's admirable that the film brings…

  • TÁR


    There's a moment where a character reads an article and it had today's date 🤯

  • Blondie Brings Up Baby

    Blondie Brings Up Baby

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 4 of 28

    Five year old Baby Dumpling Bumstead, who “knows the alphabet from A to B,” is enrolled in school after an encyclopedia salesman convinces his parents, Dagwood and Blondie, that he’s a genius. However, he has trouble adjusting and comes home with a black eye. His woes are made worse when his beloved dog Daisy is snatched away by dogcatchers.

    So I wouldn’t, like, recommend these movies, but this is one of the more enjoyable…

  • Willow


    Pretty charming if a bit rote. Don't care much for epic fantasy stuff but I have to admit the 1980s was a golden age for this sort of thing. It was a bit distracting how much Val Kilmer looks like Rob McElhenney; if they secretly got him for the upcoming series it would be the most seamless recasting imaginable.

  • Blondie Takes a Vacation

    Blondie Takes a Vacation

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 3 of 28

    Continuing directly from the previous movie, the Bumsteads finally take their postponed vacation to Lake Kenobi (sp.?). Aboard the train, they have a run-in with a guy named Marton who’s mildly rude to them. His rudeness seems justified: Blondie goes bitchmode on his ass for not apologizing hard enough for accidentally stepping on a hat Dagwood dropped, and he snitches them out for poorly trying to smuggle their dog Daisy in the passenger car.…

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Can't blame Frollo for wanting to hold Esmeralda accountable for her actions on "Janu-ervy" 6th, which was certainly a topsy-turvy day for the nation.

  • Blondie Meets the Boss

    Blondie Meets the Boss

    Blondie Cinematic Universe 2 of 28

    Dagwood Bumstead loses his job when he tries to stand up for his rights, and when his wife Blondie meets with his boss Mr. Dithers to get it back, he gives her the job instead. Frustrated with being a stay-at-home dad for about 10 minutes, Dagwood agrees to go on a fishing trip with his neighbor, Marvin, and abandons his child. Unbeknownst to him, the trip is a pretext for Marvin to carry on…