Face/Off ★★½

As much as Face/Off isn't good, it isn't really bad either.

It's too adequate to be so-bad-it's-good but also too poorly executed to be legitimately good.

The production design is really lame overall, especially in the prison scenes. There just isn't much too look at in this movie besides what's immediately in focus (if the shot is even in focus, which is a hiccup it makes a few times).

Shot lighting is either non-notable or completely obnoxious, with some scenes having overly apparent spotlighting and others having contextually nonsensical green and blue light coming from random directions.

All of this being said, you're not watching Face/Off for the filmmaking merit. You're here for Cage and maybe even for Travolta's Cage. And while I can't say I regret watching this film purely for that reason, these elements did not elevate the movie beyond mediocrity. I guess I would recommend it nonetheless though, but don't have huge expectations.