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This review may contain spoilers.

Easily the best Avengers film. The biggest criticism I have is that if you aren't familiar with the world that the MCU has set up leading up to this movie, you will feel lost from the get go. The beginning of this movie basically picks up right after a Thor:Ragnarok end credit scene. That's how invested in this universe you have to be, which is a lot to ask for the casual moviegoer.

On the flip side, it does show that this movie has been part of Marvel's master plan from the beginning. I have to admire how that plan has been executed. My suggestion: if you are just a casual fan or have a bad memory, watch one of those spoiler free MCU recap videos on YouTube before watching this. The movie is more enjoyable if you aren't scratching your head even before the title credits appear.

One other flaw is that the film's big emotional climax falls flat. You know for a fact that all those deaths won't stick. You just have to look at what Marvel movies are in the pipeline to know that this is so. Thanos shed more tears in this movie than I did.

Still, I had lots of fun. The action was good and CGI was top notch. This last point isn't always a given. Just look at the final battle in Black Panther.