North by Northwest

North by Northwest ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt #53 - Rohaan Ashraf - Film #1 - Task #13 - Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock! Do I even need to say it? Watch a Hitchcock movie.

Alfred Hitchcock is a formidable director, and although this isn't my favourite of his work, North by Northwest is still an incredible addition to his filmography.

What I love most about this is probably the main character. Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill, an advertising guy who I thought was a dick (understandable in his given circumstances), but still manages to come across as likeable through his words thanks to the fantastic writing, and some glorious acting from Grant. It was hilarious when Roger climbs though a window and has this magical effect on a woman, especially with little dialogue.

I loved the romance section of this film, which slots itself into the narrative nicely. I did think there were parts of the film which were quite unpredictable, simply due to the ambiguity in the first half, however this flipped towards the end of the film. It didn't really detract from the film but there weren't any major surprises, which was one of Vertigo's biggest strengths.

Some scenes definitely show their age, particularly the car chases. However, the infamous 'plane' scene really redeems itself, and I was utterly blown away with the amount of work it must've taken to choreograph. The hard work shows and pays off, with perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in cinema.

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