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  • The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On


    Terrific performance by my favorite actor, Song Kang ho. We are used to gangster movies where they are ultra cool, aggressive or stylish. But here, he is Vulnerable and Fragile as well. That I admire!

  • Pottersville



    I love Michael Shannon but I hope he never repeats such mistakes.

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  • Heat



    Before I write about this movie, let me tell you something about me. I grew up in Punjab, India. Back then, we didn't have internet and there were no theatres near my home. Only way we could watch movies was through Television. Every Sunday there was a movie on TV from 4-7 in the evening. Movies only meant one thing : 3 Hours Long.
    That's exactly what bugs me nowadays when I hear people say even 2 hours is long…

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    I am surprised by the sheer amount of people that don't get it. You clueless geniuses, clearly one of the characters says " It's all metaphorical and symbolic" which contradicts itself because anything which is metaphorical can't be literal so the character wouldn't have to exposit that it's Symbolic through Dialogue which means the reverse is true, that is, it's NOT metaphorical. It's literal, Don't look for hidden answers they are not supposed to be there.
    Yargos Has taken his…