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  • Beatriz at Dinner

    Beatriz at Dinner


    Not bad. Definitely very good in its running time length.

  • Take Off

    Take Off


    Well. Where should I start? Ha Jung woo is one of the best actors working today! He made this during early part of his career and it's spectacular. It is so moving for a sports film. Nothing is overdone, everything is precise from direction to cinematography. I have loved so many Korean films, it makes me want to learn their language. So far, I have only learned two words : Ajeousi and Shiba. Haha

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  • Heat



    Before I write about this movie, let me tell you something about me. I grew up in Punjab, India. Back then, we didn't have internet and there were no theatres near my home. Only way we could watch movies was through Television. Every Sunday there was a movie on TV from 4-7 in the evening. Movies only meant one thing : 3 Hours Long.
    That's exactly what bugs me nowadays when I hear people say even 2 hours is long…

  • The Salesman

    The Salesman


    Possibly, One of The Best Films of this Decade. A lot of people have compared it with A separation but in my opinion, this is a little better because of psychological depths it plunges into.
    Director Asghar Farhadi can be very Proud of what he has achieved here. Make no mistake, this is Bergman and Fellini territory.
    Farhadi makes you feel bad about the victim and the villain in the same scene, in the same frame. Its unreal, as if…