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  • Grace Is Gone

    Grace Is Gone


    Fantastic acting. I didn't know how I found this but it was great!

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    I was watching this movie few days ago called THE BEST OF MEN and there was a character of a doctor played by Eddie Marsan but I didn't know his name and I kept wondering where had I seen him before.
    Then, I was watching Inside llewyn Davis today and I started to wonder! Man! These fucking coens are so good. So much potential, so technically nuanced but it's almost as if they are too shy or restrained to just…

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  • Heat



    Before I write about this movie, let me tell you something about me. I grew up in Punjab, India. Back then, we didn't have internet and there were no theatres near my home. Only way we could watch movies was through Television. Every Sunday there was a movie on TV from 4-7 in the evening. Movies only meant one thing : 3 Hours Long.
    That's exactly what bugs me nowadays when I hear people say even 2 hours is long…

  • A Taxi Driver

    A Taxi Driver


    BEST FILM OF 2017.
    There's a moment during this film where Song Kang ho's character had to choose between the right thing and the easy thing. He went for the former and it made all the difference. Here's hoping whenever life puts us in that situation, we do the same.
    As I said before, this is the BEST film of 2017. I don't think anything would come close. Song Kang ho is the best actor in the world right now.…