Little Monsters ★★★★

Is Lupita Nyong'o a scream queen yet? She should be, cause shes phenomenal at this stuff.

While the zombie genre as a whole is passe at best and burning in the fires of the eternal time vortex at worst, its survives in part by films and TV that seem to have not realised this fact and are content to keep spinning the same tunes they've been telling for years now (see: Zombieland and The Walking Dead).

Meanwhile, you have stuff like Little Monsters, which manages to breathe new life (ha) into zombie horror with a charming, low budget, coming-of-age horror comedy that, while fairly by the numbers in places, is mostly cute clean fun and does a lot with a little. Josh Gad is funny for the first time in his life, and Lupita's knack for going ALL IN on the silliest of concepts is on full display (seriously, get this lady in more horror films, shes a natural.)

This is the best kind of movie in my mind; one where it really feels like a community gathered around to make a movie just for the kicks, both for the good and bad of it. If you don't take it too seriously (and why would you), Little Monsters is a great time.