Possessor ★★★★

With Possessor, Cronenberg Jr. evolves into his adult predator form and proves that Antiviral wasn't a fluke, solidifying his style and touch with a confident, if familiar ultraviolent fever dream.

Taking cues from just about every film in his dads catalogue (specifically Videodrome, eXistenZ and, tonally, Crash), Possessor is a solidly chilling cyberpunk story that favours atmosphere over plot, feeling at its best like a surveillance-state-capitalist variation on The Manchurian Candidate, with a Matroshka style cycle that starts getting you to wonder who's really being possessed. The casting and acting is strong and visuals, music and effects are perfect bordering on severe.

Still, despite its praises, their are plenty of elements that prove this is still a rookie project. It has some pacing issues, the gore sometimes feels a bit forced and there for shock value alone and, like Antiviral, it doesn't make use of the full potential the premise has. A lot of this is forgiven however by the movie going full atmosphere with the whole production, feeling both like a slow burn bit of genre fiction and a hyper stylised bit of late-era giallo.

While it has its flaws and is very clearly cribbing from his dad's answer sheet, Possessor is still a shockingly confident vision; a stark, visceral and mind-bending film that perfectly get's under your skin.

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