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  • Time of the Gypsies
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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    I really wanted this to be a good film!
    The premise is great, I really expected a very well made coming of age movie that makes you feel warm inside.

    But something about the execution just didn't feel right, mainly, the acting on those two...
    Why didn't the director, Luca Faggotino (or wathever), just cast gay actors? Would it be to practical to have somebody who can draw from their own expiriences and actual gay feelings??
    But that wouldn't be…

  • Paterson



    This is the first Jarmush film I DIDN'T find utterly retarded and overzealously stylized.

    Sole reason I liked this film was that I felt vicarious joy trough Paterson's life so much that it sparked a dash of hope for Duje's confortably numb existence.

    Between these two semi-fictional characters, similarities are uncanny!
    If Duje Brkljačić lived in a town called "Duje" and actually had a job, this would be a perfect reenactment of his life. But he doesn't, and he…