Justice League

Justice League ½

I've seen this MOVIE (you really can't call it a film) just because the tickets were free and I was really interested how the whole 4d expirience is going to be like.

Howerver, this "4d" shit is the worst expirience I've ever had in my life, and not I'm no just talking film and entertament wise, I'm comparing it to getting bullyed in primary school. It is just so overwhelmingly repulsive to all of the 5 senses, you will almost forget you paid twice the usual ticket price to live this horror.

Despite that, the briliant Zack Snyder didn't disapoint and managed to provide us with more than equaly shitty movie to fit the 4d shitsperience.

A porno flick with egsoticaly beautiful Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa (selling the movie solely on account of their sex appeal), add a few cringy jokes by Flash, and of course it wouldn't be PC without a BLACK heroe the famous Nigga-borg! add everything up and multiply it with the plot of Batman v Superman and you've got a bilion dollar movie!

Now, when you've got your life all figured out, you can sit on a dick and eat a strawberry cheesecake.

Zack Snyder, you piece of shit.