Little Boxes

Little Boxes ★★★½

The central idea of ​​the film seems to me great and quite eloquent. I explain: most of ourselves we spend creating and building this person that we are based on our acquired experiences, our friends, our family and the vocation or talents that we reinforce over time. But what if they take us from our place and lead us to a completely different one? Outside the context of our life, of the people we know and who know us as we are and that in the end is what makes us this unique individual. We are nothing, although in reality we are.

At the end of the day we always have these little boxes, without unpacking, which make us make different decisions, get out of our comfort zone and jump into the unknown to save ourselves.

This message of existence, of self-worth and especially of identity also happened to me in Ya no estoy aquí, the movie.