• Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Best 2021 comedy.

    Best "the end of the world" song.

  • Candyman



    Interesting man
    Leader man
    What, man?
    Booooring man

    Big ideas, terrible organization and direction.

  • Shithouse



    Perfect comfy coming of age flick.

  • The House

    The House


    I saw this movie without any expectations and it has surprised me tremendously.

    The way in which topics such as anxiety, truncated dreams, loneliness, the banal and fast life of this modern society, materialism and other topics that are so personal and social at the same time are treated.

    Stop motion and horror are the icing on the cake.

  • Lamb



    "Lamb of god you take away the sin of the world".

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    It is a film that addresses in a minimalist way the depth of the feelings and also the resentments that a human being can silence for long periods of time and even forever.

  • Little Boxes

    Little Boxes


    The central idea of ​​the film seems to me great and quite eloquent. I explain: most of ourselves we spend creating and building this person that we are based on our acquired experiences, our friends, our family and the vocation or talents that we reinforce over time. But what if they take us from our place and lead us to a completely different one? Outside the context of our life, of the people we know and who know us as…

  • I Am Jonas

    I Am Jonas


    I really liked all this pop culture vibe adorning the story: Lady D, game boy, Trainspotting poster, No Doubt on the radio, the Nirvana T-shirt.

  • Just Jim

    Just Jim


    Coming of age movies are like adderall to me, so take your three-star rating, Craig.

  • Everybody’s Everything

    Everybody’s Everything


    I think that Gus always felt like a misunderstood person, the beauty of this story is that at this time we are more and more people who can say, Lil Peep, I understand you, I appreciate you, I love you.

    Those letters from your grandfather tightened my heart.

    Beautiful documentary.

  • Pedal the World

    Pedal the World


    No entiendo porqué está en el catálogo de Netflix, ni siquiera en Vimeo lo veo como un contenido de calidad, es un capítulo más en la vida de un vlogero con suficientes recursos para andar por el mundo grabando sus 'grandes hazañas'.

    En algún momento, incluso, parafrasea la famosa frase del filme Into The Wild. LOL.

  • Drugstore Cowboy

    Drugstore Cowboy


    Esta escena en donde Bob habla con el padre, el cual es interpretado por el novelista y crítico social William S. Burroughs:

    “- ¿Sabe? Me acuerdo muchas veces de las historias que me contaba. Como cuando sacaba el brazo entre los barrotes y el guardia iba y le inyectaba morfina. Nunca hicieron eso conmigo.
    - Bob, eso ya no se lo hacen a ninguno. La droga ha sido siempre objeto de rechazo por esta sociedad, víctima a la vez. La…