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  • The Dancing Pig

    The Dancing Pig

    you cannot convince me this isn’t some kind of fetish film, there is absolutely NO WAY this film isn’t a terrifying precursor to furry porn.

  • Roma



    this feels like 2018’s birdman in that you either totally connect with it or you don’t at all. it’s beautifully shot, there’s no doubt about that at all but that’s about where the positives end for me unfortunately. 

    i’d like to say i’m going to watch it again to give it another chance but...i don’t want to.

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  • Kids


    i think if i had watched this at 11 years old, my mind would have been totally blown and i would be taken in by the “gritty realism” displayed. but at 25 this all just seemed exploitative and pointless. 

    when will the film world come to its senses and realize that harmony korine fucking sucks?

  • Fantastic Beasts 3

    Fantastic Beasts 3

    haven't we suffered enough?